More owls… and pigeons… and peacocks!

And more sightseeing.

I took a bus to Harcourt Arboretum. It’s not that far, 30 minutes. But the bus. Didn’t. Come. Just when I made my way back to the city centre, it finally rolled down the street and I had to run back to still catch it. Anyway, it took me to this beautiful park.

IMG_5495 IMG_5496

 IMG_5505 IMG_5507

A reminder of Australia. This is a sign! I shall go back!


IMG_5533 IMG_5535

IMG_5613 IMG_5617


By now you may have noticed the peacocks. Well, while I was exploring this log a peacock sneaked up on me and started exploring MY things. It started picking on my bag and I was rather scared it would pick on the camera. Luckily it didn’t! However, I was banned to this log for a little while. (You can see me watching the peacock approach from behind!)

 IMG_5638 IMG_5648


And I found another owl… It HAD to be done: Owl-Selfie!


When I made my way home I was 10 minutes early for the bus. But – you might have guessed – it didn’t come. 5 minutes passed, 10 minutes, 15, 20, 25!!! I was already considering taking the 1,5 h walk back to the city centre, when it FINALLY turned up.

Next stop on my to-do list: go back to the Pitts River Museum. It inspired me for some lovely stories I might write…


IMG_5766 IMG_5768

IMG_5791 IMG_5790  IMG_5794

Shrunken head… uaaah…

IMG_5778 IMG_5776

These are called “worry dolls”. You put them under your pillow and they take all your worries away.
I like the idea, however, the guide was rather suspicious of them.

I also finally managed to have a closer look around Bodleian and Radcliffe Camera.


Divinity School

 1978807_10152158177166633_7599227321332618859_n  10245459_10152158177086633_1441042025583972059_n


We went to the Creative Writing Showcase, where the students from last year presented their work. We will have our own showcase next year, so it was interesting to check out what awaits us.


And I finally had some time to bake again: Apple crumble cheesecake. Mhhh..


A few days ago I felt very restless so I just went for a walk around the city and the University Parks. The weather was changing between sunny and cloudy and rainy (as usual). I was listening to the Lord of the Rings audiobook. All together, this was such a nice experience. After all, Tolkien strolled along these parks himself…


 10359498_10152166735256633_7136361600598448310_n 10363578_10152166735156633_2703112642215069221_n

Yesterday I took a day trip to Winchester and visited a friend. She is soon moving back to Norway so this trip was just as overdue as it was really last minute. Winchester is a very remote, quiet and idyllic city. I had a lovely time there.


We had some lunch in the sun outside of Winchester Cathedral before going inside. It is one of the largest cathedrals in England, with the greatest overall length of any Gothic cathedral in Europe. Also: Jane Austen was buried here!


IMG_5821 IMG_5822

IMG_5825   IMG_5833

IMG_5835   IMG_5843

Some weird submarine equipment in the Cathedral… What’s that about?

We actually had to go to three different coffee houses to find some Scones. Come on, we’re in England! But we finally did find some in a very lovely shop. And my verdict: Yummmm! So now I even have an entry for Winchester in my (long-neglected) Scone-chart!

 IMG_5871 IMG_5873


We walked along a little river, which was so idyllic and quiet. It is amazing how peaceful it can be in a city. Charlotte spotted a little duck and she said “look, how cute, it’s a duck!” As it turned out, it was a dead pigeon. Swimming upside down in the stream. It then went on to haunt us. It was a horrific and yet somewhat comedic sight, and along our way it kept turning up. So now the pigeon joined the groups of owls and peacocks that kept following me around.

IMG_5880  IMG_5890


For some reason I really liked this door knob…

There is a very nice College in Winchester, apparently an all-boys school. Although it was officially closed, we just walked in looking very determined and nobody stopped us. So we got to have a quick look around. Again, just like Harry Potter…

IMG_5918 IMG_5904

IMG_5905 IMG_5907 IMG_5911


This was hanging in the hallway. Needless to say, I took a picture. LEO!


The city’s emblem. A lion and a unicorn!


IMG_5934 IMG_5938  IMG_5942 IMG_5943 10369918_10154180628810193_2881644677950711950_n

While the train ride to Winchester was really quick, and with my new rail card not even that expensive, the way back was rather annoying. I missed the last train straight to Oxford by a few seconds (I saw it driving off!). Then I had to take a train to Bersingstoke, to Reading, to Oxford – so already change twice. The train to Oxford was late which made me miss my connection and I had to walk all the way home. Although it’s about 30 minutes and it was late and dark, it wasn’t all too bad. I listened to LOTR again and walked briskly, which kept me warm as well.

All in all, it was a fantastic day trip and I had so much fun with Charlotte. We both laughed a lot which makes up for any annoying train rides!

But then this morning… the pigeon returned…



Fun fact:

One third of Europe’s land area is covered by forest, although Britain is one of the least-wooded countries in the continent. No old-growths or true wildwoods remain in Britain. There are, however, ancient woodlands, defined as areas that have had continuous woodland cover since 1600.


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