Tap, tap, tap…

… that’s all I seem to hear these days, for I’m writing like mad. I’m making great progress though on my story. Right now I’m focussing on a new one actually, which will be a novella. The research I’m doing for it is really interesting as well, but that’s all I have to say – no spoilers.

To prove how unexciting my life outside my “mind palace” is – yes, deliberate reference to Sherlock; just to remind those of you who haven’t seen it yet, to watch it already!!! – here is a picture of one of my most exciting encounters of the last days…


A squirrel on campus on my way to class…

I came upon the UNICEF tap challenge. You can do some good by not touching your phone. From February 14 to 28, (2 days left!) the UNICEF Tap Project challenges the world to put down their phones. For every minute that you don’t use your phone, UNICEF’s sponsors will donate funding equivalent to one days worth of water for a child in need. I made it to 3,5 hours the other day – then I had to take a call. To take the challenge, go to tap.unicefusa.org using your mobile phone (obviously it only works on a mobile). It’s a really great idea and you can help so much with just this simple task of putting down your phone for a while.


I finally tried to organise the bookmarks in my browser and came upon all these recipes I’ve saved over the years. Oh, I should also mention that the idea for the novella I’m working on came from a link I saved months ago as well. What do we learn from that? Our Mums were right all along: cleaning up can be really worth it. Going through the recipes, I decided I could start baking more and bring some joy to my belly and to my friends. So my first attempt was a Cinnamon Crumble Banana Bread and, oh boy (or oh banana?!), was that good!!! The first banana bread I’ve ever baked and ate –  and it was really yummy! If you want to treat yourself to something delicious and share it with your loved ones, this is perfect! (Unless your allergic against bananas, like one of my friends. In that case – just… don’t!)

IMG_4561 IMG_4567

 Here’s the original recipe (I added some Brazil nuts):



I also made some Strawberry-Brazil Nut-Muffins (you may recognise I’m nuts about those nuts… Too lame pun?), but they were massively overshadowed by their predecessor. Sorry, muffins. I’m sure to stay on track and bake again soon! (But no, this isn’t turning into a food blog… yet).

IMG_4583 IMG_4585 IMG_4588

Some Clotted Cream on top… mhhhh…

On Monday I had a telephone interview for a traineeship in Hamburg. I was really nervous about it, especially because I don’t like talking on the phone. I think it went rather well though. I had to do some exercises in 60 minutes, but that was actually quite fun. Let’s see what will come out of this.

Making plans for the future is both frightening and uplifting. Since I’m still struggling with feeling at home here, I look forward to moving on – wherever I will end up moving on to (although right now I lean strongly towards Hamburg again). But frightening as well, because there’s not much time left and so much to do. I wanted to travel the UK and see so many things and places and now I already feel like I’m out of time. Well, better improve my time management then and plan ahead.

In homage to my kind of regular visits to the gym (at Iffley Road), lets finish off this post with another fun fact:

Roger Bannister, a 25 year old medical student, was the first man to run a mile in less than 4 minutes. This feat was achieved in 1954 at the Iffley Road track in Oxford.
His time was 3mins 59.4 seconds.   

Bannister Record

That face tho… 


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