The Sherlockian Mistery

When I returned to Oxford, there was a red note for me. A “something for you” card form the Royal Mail. Here in England you have the option to schedule a redelivery – free of charge. So I did that. It was supposed to come 2 days later, on a Saturday between 8 am and 6pm. I cuddled up on the sofa with some tea and a book for uni (The History of the World in 10 ½ Chapters – quite funny actually!) I waited, and waited, and waited. And waited a bit more. Nothing. So I called them again on Monday. I was told it would be quicker to just go and collect the parcel myself from my local Delivery Office. Well, this was about 5 miles away. I decided to combine this with a run. Through rain and storm I ran and ran, arriving with a red, hot face. Exhausted I put my red note on the desk, explaining the loss and the phone call. “Sorry, Miss, the system says the parcel was delivered on Saturday. We don’t have it.” Even though I ensured him I was home all day on that particular Saturday, he insisted the parcel was not to be found. Back at home I called the hotline again. Another Scottish person picked up – I could barely understand him. I scheduled another redelivery for Wednesday. Couch, tea, book; you get the idea. Parcel? Negative. At 4pm I called the hotline again and was told I should wait until 6pm. At 5:58pm I called them again. A woman picked up, she sounded rather annoyed that someone would dare to call her 2 minutes before her  shift ends. Mysteriously I got disconnected and when I tried to call back (it was after 6pm by then) I was told the hotline was not available anymore today. So, I wrote an angry email. I think at this point I should mention that I had no idea what this parcel would be. I didn’t know who could have sent it or what it could be. But this whole story was making me really excited about it. Sleepless nights, tired days. Who could it be, what would it be? A book? A bomb? A car? Well, anyway, on Thursday morning I called again. They weren’t even able to tell me where the parcel was right now. They said there was just one thing for me to do. Guess what: schedule a redelivery. So there was another day of staying on the couch planned: Saturday. On Friday I received an email that stated the parcel had finally been located and would definitely be delivered on Saturday. Well, once more I was hopeful. By now I thought, after I went through all this trouble for a parcel it must be something really awesome to be worth it. Like a cat, cause I really want to have a cat here. Believe it or not, but as I was curled up on the sofa, reading yet another book for uni (Notes on a Scandal – good as well so far!) there was a knock on the door and my “parcel” arrived. After all this running around, numerous phone calls and emails I expected a huge parcel – since it said it was too large to be delivered. Well, it was a brochure. From the Fattoria La Vialla. No offense, but seriously?! All this trouble for a bloody brochure? At least they could have put some pasta in there. So this whole thing was like a really bad detective novel, where in the end there is neither a corpse nor a murderer.


Here it is. The parcel that could not fit through a letterbox slot…

Finally released from that constant tension, I was able to return to my normal life again. With my friend Mr. Holmes  (yes, that’s really his name!) I went to a charity event for the orangutans. It was held at the New Theatre and was a comedy show with four stand-up comedians. The main act was Bill Bailey. I’ve never heard of him before, but he was brilliant! I can absolutely recommend him. Not only is he fantastically funny, he is also a musical genius. He plays every instrument. Just on this occasion he played an e-piano, a guitar, an electric guitar, a drum, three different other guitar-like instruments, a honky-thingy, … Definitely go check out some of his videos online.


Such a disturbing photo. It was really hard to take that picture. Every time the photo was about to be taken, the picture on the screen changed. But it was worth it!

Of course there is another reason for this Sherlock-themed entry: In January the third season of Sherlock was released and it is epic!!! (And I failed to mention it before… Shame on me!) There is so much humour, self-reflection, tension and inside jokes in it, just everything a perfect show needs. I think it is impossible not to like. Unless you watch the German version of it, where Sherlock Holmes just seems to be an arrogant, self-involved, stuck-up A-hole. So, to all my German friends out there: Watch Sherlock, and please, watch it in English with subtitles. Trust me. I live next to (a) Mr. Holmes.

Apart from that, I’ve finally signed up for the Oxford University gym today with two friends of mine. Highly motivated I waited for the gates to open and for me to start sweating on a treadmill or something. But I was not granted this privilege yet, because there is a compulsory induction. So tomorrow morning at 10.30 I will try to summon all my motivation again and start my new fitness plan! I will take a break from TaeKwonDo for a while, so I need another outlet for my energy and a new challenge.


I’ve seen quite a few good films recently: Gravity, American Hustle, About time. But I got especially hooked on the TV show “Orange is the new black”. It’s set in a women’s prison and it has a very unique sense of humour and comedy. Due to my weird interest in accents I am especially fond of the character Lorna Morello (Yael Stone), who has even been acclaimed to have the most beautiful accent on TV.

I’ve also applied for a few jobs and traineeships, so let’s see how that goes. Oh yeah, and here’s a fun fact about Oxford, since I didn’t do that in quite a while and, you know, it’s important to train your brain. And stuff.

The first book was printed here in 1478 and now the Oxford University Press
is one of the largest publishers in the world. 


Other stuff that happened to me:


I’ve had many smiling paprikas lately…


And shrimp.

1899146_10152153104201201_1814213051_n 1781389_10152153103586201_1059957842_n 

We lured our neighbour’s cat it. Then he didn’t want to leave again.

IMG_3734 IMG_3739 IMG_3741

When it was sunny I went for another run. (No parcel involved! But swings involved!)

IMG_3747 IMG_3745

I had Macarons from around the corner. And shared a delicious Waffle Sundae at G&Ds.


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