A German Christmas Tale…

In a hole in a ground, there lived a hobbit… Oh, wait, wrong line… Once upon a time, there lived a fair blond maiden, in a nice house with her family in Germany. But the blond girl grew up and decided to give in to her wanderlust. The most important stops were Australia and Mainz, where she studied. She decided to leave Germany again and so she relocated to the lovely Oxford, far far away (though not as far away as Australia obviously) in the United Kingdom. She moved into a small, very British house (which comes closer to the hobbit hole). The house was creaking and reeking and squeaking – and as of today – leaking!

Then the winter came along and the holiday season started, so the blond maiden decided to go back to Germany for a while and experience some adventures there. And that she did. Spending time with her family again, meeting her friends, falling in love with the beauty of Hamburg all over again. The beautiful Christmas lights at night, illuminating the Alster, the white tents with the bright stars at the Christmas market (and of course: Schmalzgebäck, the divine sweet treat you can only buy at Northern Christmas markets!).

IMG_3583 IMG_3584

 photo 3-1 photo 4-1

The journey took her to Grevenbroich, Cologne, Mainz, Frankfurt and Berlin to visit her friends and family, whom she missed dearly.

IMG_3597 IMG_3600

A real gold coin from Smaug’s treasure// Hanging out with the girls at “Funkhaus” in Cologne

IMG_3602 IMG_3603



Frankfurt’s famous “love locks”

She watched “The Hobbit” three times, “Fack ju Göhte” three times (Awesome movie!!! For someone who is a harsh critic when it comes to German movies, this statement means something!), Wolf of Wallstreet, finished numerous books (reading Wolf Hall right now), …  Even though she lived in Mainz for almost 4 years and studied film studies, she never made it to the film museum in Frankfurt.  This time though she managed to do it, and was really happy with what she found. Other than in the “Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe” in Hamburg, this one wasn’t cramped with scribblings by five-year-olds in the bodies of pretentious 40-year-olds. If you’re ever in Frankfurt and you are even just slightly interested in films: the film museum is really worth a visit! The hobbit, errr, the maiden (!) also went to see the musical “The Phantom of the Opera”and was amazed by the excellence of the music and the lyrics, the choreography and scenery.

1063122_802397739776209_2127729644_n photo 4 IMG_3696

Film museum – so awesome!! // At the luxury Savoy cinema, where you can enjoy “The Hobbit” even more… // Waiting for the Phantom!

Of course, there was a lot of eating. (There will not be many pictures of this though, as this blog is turning into a food blog according to the people.)

photo 1 IMG_3649 photo

Christmas goose // Kaiserschmarrn at new favourite restaurant “Tschebull” //
Delicious goat’s cheese with lavender and honey

So many reasons to celebrate: Christmas, New Years, Birthdays…

photo 2  IMG_3556

IMG_3591 IMG_3684

The maiden relaxed by going to the Spa, getting massages, boosting her health with acupuncture, cuddling with horses, …

IMG_3644 photo 3  photo 5

There is no snow in this Christmas tale though, until the last few days when the temperatures suddenly fell below 0°C and turned the streets in Germany into dangerous slopes. (And there were enough skiing accidents for one season!)

Then the maiden fell in love. He is perfect. Some call him Maxi, some call him Fellini. He has nice, soft hair, likes to cuddle, even likes TaeKwonDo and is perfect to watch TV with. Here he is. Unfortunately, all the kisses she gave him haven’t turned him into a human prince yet.

photo 1-1 photo 2-1 IMG_3570 IMG_3673 IMG_3576 IMG_3582

Find the cat…………..

 IMG_3625 IMG_3650 IMG_3669

He decided a hand would be a perfectly fine place to take a nap on. Sure, why not…
At least the hand was warm then!

(She has become a true obsessed cat lady now…)

After a month, the maiden (who finally got a hair cut!) needed to return to her second home in England and was welcomed with sunshine and warm temperatures. She hasn’t made any New Year’s resolutions, but there definitely is the desire to travel more again, see more of the UK before it’s time to leave. Because once more, what you can take away from this tale is: time flies! Only a short while ago she set out to move to England, now the first semester is over already and only six months remain. Better make the most of it!

IMG_3687 IMG_3710


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