The Fall…

Fall is coming. It’s getting colder and colder. At night it’s close to 0 degrees already! And the sun sets at 4.20 pm, I can’t believe it. This is totally messing with my sense of time.

IMG_2761 IMG_2756

Well, I found another yummy delight: Nando’s. I’ve been there twice since my last post. It’s really good food there and Peri-peri – who wouldn’t like that?


On Thursday we had our first Glee concert. It went pretty well. But it was such a long day!I had to be at uni at 11 am for rehearsal and then the concert started at 12. I had lunch with Morgan after that and then we went to our classes – as always until 9 pm. Then off to training. I was so tired! Unfortunately, I believe that was pretty apparent in my performance. We started focussing more on sparring now, which is good since the competition is already next weekend!!! I’m getting more nervous every day. On Friday after training we went back to my instructor’s house and we hung out with some friends, watched some crappy horror films, I got a treatment for my back, we ate… It was a very fun night! And it’s true, you always find your TaeKwonDo-family no matter where you go!


My lovely friend from Germany came to visit me on Saturday and we had a splendid time! I showed her around the city (Camera, Bodleian, Magdalen, Carfax, Covered Market, …). We went to the vintage market in the Town Hall which was very impressive and at night we went to see the annual fireworks display in South Park. Well, it’s fireworks, but it’s always nice – and there were actually a few things that we’d never seen before. But oh my, it was so bloody cold!


Town Hall, this is where the Yule ball will be…

 IMG_2772 IMG_2781

 DSCI0002 DSCI0011

On Sunday we went to a College and found this leaflet announcing a Quidditch match – on that same day! Of course we went. It took place in the Oxford University Parks and we arrived perfectly in time, just when the match was about to start! Oxford against Southhampton. (Spoiler: Oxford won!). It was so awesome. Basically it’s a bit like rugby and dodgeball – only with broomsticks between your legs. The Snitch was a guy dressed in yellow clothes and a ball fixed to his trousers in the back. He had to hide in the beginning, the Seekers running around, trying to find him. At one point in the match he appeared again and the Seekers had to try to get hold of the yellow ball. Apparently, there’s even a Quidditch World Cup!

DSCI0048 DSCI0051 DSCI0056

At night we went to the City Arms pub quiz. We knew we wouldn’t do too well, but yeah, we came in last! We had a great name though: The “We-know-nothing-John-Snow”s. And we got a consolation price, for trying in a second language. Though we knew that wasn’t the true reason. Next time, we’ll be better prepared and bring a bigger team!

We also went to the Botanic garden and found the tree that inspired Tolkien to create the Ents. It was really amazing to stand next to a tree that was planted in 1800 and think of what “it” experienced and witnessed over all those years. And of course, that it met Tolkien and just looks like an Ent!

DSCI0086 DSCI0089 DSCI0091 DSCI0101

 DSCI0111 IMG_2818

It was so nice to have a close friend around me again and live with that familiarity that you have with good friends.

I got my first guitar lesson as well, so I’m back on track – I seriously need to improve my skills. Especially now that I don’t have my piano as a substitute.

This is it for this week. I’m a bit stressed out and really need to catch up on my work for uni. I’ve got another friend visiting me this weekend and the deadline for the papers is only one month away! So lets end this with a fun fact about Oxford again:

Oxford has more published writers per square mile than anywhere else in the world.

Good foundation, right?


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