Eating, kicking, writing…

More eating, more TaeKwonDo, more writing…


Basically that’s what I spent most of my days doing. I went to a few cafés to get some writing done and I partially succeeded. I went to Rick’s café (was alright), G&D’s (so far my favourite for writing and they have great decaf-Cappuccino), the Lost Bean (okay, but I think they didn’t give me decaf coffee o.O ), the Truckstore (definitely too hipster for me!). I went to a Lebanese restaurant on Cowley Road called Pomegranate with some friends from class and it was really good. We also planned to meet up regularly and help each other with our writing. I signed up for NaNoWriMo, but so far I have been too busy – and yes, too lazy I admit it – to actually start writing. But I might still start, it’s only been 5 days. The goal is to write at least 50.000 words in a month and have a finished novel at the end of the month. Then you can go on to find sponsors, publishers, win prices etc. It is a really good idea, but it also requires a lot of dedication, discipline and doing (instead of thinking).

I kind of succeeded in making pumpkin soup. I had to make do with Butternut squash though, but it turned out quite tasty. I bought some ham ends at the Covered Market, which I have come to know through my french roommate and they’re really good! We baked some choc-nut-cookies and had a roommate dinner with Quiche and french cheese. With the TKD guys I went to a Korean restaurant for an early Halloween dinner. Turns out, I am not very fond of that food. Too much seafood for me, too few meals with chicken or curry. But the pancakes as a starter were really good. I tried a new drink at Costa’s which was very good as well: Hot Spiced Apple.

IMG_2722 IMG_2723 IMG_2725 IMG_2728

I finally managed to try some new Scones! It was long overdue, but I finally went to the Grand Café. Remember the café I mentioned earlier, that was established in 1652 and still exists? That! And it exists for a reason. The Scones were absolutely delicious, so fluffy and good.


AND huge (in contrast to the very good ones you get at the Randolph Hotel). Also, I learned that it is not pronounced Scone as in “stone”, but rather Scone as in “con”. When I googled it I came upon this great picture. Though to me it is completely absurd how someone could not know what a Scone is and I feel bad for them, I have to admit it made me laugh! Here it is. Scone-world1-460x283
Actually a really delightful piece of writing about the pronunciation of scone.
If you want to be cheered up: read it!  

Since it was reading week, I didn’t have classes on Thursday. Seriously, I don’t think we needed reading week, it’s not like we’re buried in work. But who am I to argue with the British academic system?

Last Sunday we had a special training session which was really good and I feel that I improved a lot during it. We started warming up with some basketball. I’m really bad at playing basketball, but it was a lot of fun and I even scored! On Thursday we had a guest instructor at TKD and we did some intense poomsae training which was really good – I missed my poomsae! Friday’s training does not have to hide either: a heavy fitness session and some awesome kicking. Safe to say, I managed to do some really good kicks.

1385154_896829866371_1776921836_n-2 1379391_897980136221_689065903_n

When I went to the city on Saturday I ran into Morgan again (I feel I always run into her when I go into the city) and in the evening I went over to my instructor’s house. He had invited some friends over and we played some pool, baked not one but two (!) cakes (both very lovely!) and generally just had a good time.

_MG_1159  _MG_1165 _MG_1167 _MG_1168 _MG_1175 _MG_1190

Sorry, I just needed to show off my awesome pool-moves (cough)
and of course honour the work of the great photographer (thank you, Phil!). 

Unfortunately, that night I could not fall asleep at all and I had to get up way too early the next morning for our trip to London. We went to the London TaeKwonDo Academy for some additional training. 2,5 hours of intense and very different poomsae training. I learned some really helpful things during that session and it was very interesting to get to know such a different teaching style. Though I have to admit, I’d not choose it as my permanent training style. It was rather strict and I missed the fun factor a bit. Sadly, my foot is starting to hurt again lately and, due to maybe too many sit ups on Sunday, my old hip injury came back a bit. I am aware that I sound like an old woman, yes.

There’s more: I went to the Bodleian Library with Morgan and we finally received our library cards. That what quite an experience. We walked in there and were greeted by a seemingly unfriendly woman asking us „Are you from Brookes?“. She told us there had been special sessions scheduled all through September and October for “people like us”. Yes, but we were told to come after that. Who the hell told us that? Well, I didn’t want to get anyone into trouble so I tried to avoid her questions as best as I could. „Who told you?“ – „Someone in introduction week.“ – „Who? A tutor?“ – „No.“ – „A librarian?“ – „I don’t know.“ – „Was it staff?“ – „Probably.“ She finally gave up and when it was our turn to actually go to her desk she was really friendly and said it wasn’t our fault after all. We had to read out this declaration that we aren’t going to steal or damage or burn(!) the books and so on. It included the word „kindle“ and I asked them how it was pronounced and she went on and on about what it means. Basically, it is to help you start a fire and when the fire is burning you can put stuff on it, like humans. (That’s what she said!!!!) Awkwaaard. One guy dropped his suitcase and all his clothes fell out and the woman at our desk hid her face and told us how embarrassing that was and that it happened to her once and all her underwear fell out and her tampax and so on. Well, thanks for that information…

Here is my new card now with that lovely (not) picture that she took while I wasn’t even aware she was taking it already. Seriously, I always thought these kind of things only happened in the movies!


In the evening I went to this play called „Dr. Frankenstein’s Traveling Freakshow“ at uni. It was a traveling group of actors from Wales and it was really good. It started out very funny but got very dark and heavy in the end. The play was about this freak show where the main attraction is the actual Frankenstein monster. He’s playing himself in portraying his story (which of course is not true) and in the end there is a great twist. It was a very unique take on the original story of Dr. Frankenstein.

By the way, it’s getting really cold and windy here. But I’m “British suiting up” and I own a real Barbour jacket now… combine that with my wellies and my knowledge of the accurate pronunciation of Scones… that automatically makes me into a Brit, right?

Fun fact about Oxford: Bodleian Library is almost five centuries old and currently houses more than 11,000,000 documents on 190km of shelves!

This week I have some great things ahead, the highlight being (of course) my friends from Germany coming to visit me on the weekend! Can’t wait for them to finally arrive.


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