I’m so sick of…

… being sick. I’m stricken with fever since Thursday already, but it’s finally going down a bit.  As its replacement, I’ve got a very sore throat now.  Despite that, I thought: Screw it! and grabbed some antibiotics – which you can just get at a pharmacy here, without prescription! – went to Glee Club, sang, and after that went to the Jazz night at the Bullingdon Arms bar and destroyed what little was left of my voice. The music was amazing though and the musicians just freakishly talented. I absolutely adore them! Still, the price was my voice – kind of like Arielle, though what she got in return was a bit bigger than dancing to Jazz music. Speaking of childhood heroes, I’ve bought a new book today:


(for just 1,99 pound! I love the UK!)

Tonight I am going to two lectures: Mark Watson, comedian and writer, and afterwards Alastair Humphrey, adventurer and writer. Both lectures sound pretty amazing! I hope I can attend both, since the second one starts just slightly after the first one. But I’m creative, I’ll find a way!

On Friday I’ve had some friends visiting me. I finally got around to deliberately visit some of the Harry Potter sets. Christ Church is gigantic.

IMG_2352 IMG_2355

Walking through this ancient building I remembered: I’ve been here before. It is one of the colleges we went to on my first visit to Oxford. Oh, my 14-year-old me thought: I want to study here! Sometimes your wish comes true! Those steps are the ones from Harry Potter, but basically everything looks like it’s just out of the movie.


IMG_2359 IMG_2360 IMG_2363  IMG_2369 IMG_2376


(This food hall inspired the one for Hogwarts,
but since it only fits three rows of tables
it was not the film location in the end)


The weather was a perfect example of the British weather. You usually have all four seasons during one day: when I looked out the window in the morning, the sun was shining; half an hour later it was cloudy; when I left the house it was pouring! And this change of weather remained all day; rain, sun, wind, clouds, rain, clouds, wind, sun… – of course a perfect combination with a fever.

We also went to New College, got in for free as “prospective students”.

IMG_2380 IMG_2382 IMG_2384


This is where Malfoy was transformed into a ferret.

  IMG_2385 IMG_2386

All the colleges have their own parks… of course… I wonder where those steps lead to?

IMG_2389 IMG_2390

Weird gargoyles in the church of the college. Yes, the colleges have their own churches as well!

We went to the Turf Tavern Pub, which apparently is very famous – never heard of it before. It was so crowded, we decided to go to Turl Street Kitchen for lunch instead. However, we couldn’t find it even though we were ON Turl Street. We ended up at Beefeater’s, which was alright, but not spectacular. Still, I’m going to give their Scones a try one day. (Wow, it’s been too long that I had Scones. I promise I will try some new cream tea soon, just to let you know how it is of course…)

On Sunday I went to Reading as planned, but the trip did not yield many fruits. I was feeling so sick that I ended up just going to the Genius Bar (my MacBook mysteriously works fine since Sunday morning… knock on wood!), walked around The Oracle for a bit, had a light lunch at a burger restaurant and finished it off with a movie (“How I live now”) in the Vue. The movie was alright, but not really good. I had popcorn though (salty AND sweet, mhhhh), and the movie was in english, so… yay!

IMG_2396 IMG_2399 IMG_2400 IMG_2401

This Friday I am heading off to Mallorca for a week, catch some sun and maybe finally get fit again. I am so looking forward to that. Speaking of traveling: I’ve tasted more blood! I am really eager to complete the  “Land’s End to John o’Groats”-route. You start at the southernmost point in England and travel to the northernmost point. About 1.400 km. Though I doubt I’ll do it on a bike. It would be fantastic, but neither have I got a bike, nor a willing companion to start with. With the prospect of renting a car though, weirdly more people are willing to come along… I think that April would be a good time for that, it won’t be too cold then. Who knows, maybe I’ll get the bike after all if Alistair Humphrey inspires me enough tonight… What do you think: Car or bicycle?

Some trivia: 

Kristi’s treats this week: Cheesecake with a Tardis on top – yes, it melted, so what?! It was still really good. And I just described it as “blue mist”.


Also, she made some “schoolbuns”: Skoleboller.

On Saturday we went to this Indian place on Cowley road. The food was very good (had some Chicken and Mushroom Curry), but we were a bit confused by the waiters’ commitment: They even spread out the napkins on our laps! :O

And have you met my new friend? I can drink tap water now without the weird taste of British water – AND it’s PINK!


Oh and because I have to get plenty of vitamin C right now I think this is the perfect time to tell you this life philosophy:

– If life gives you lemonade, make lemons! Life will be all like: ‘Whaaaaat?’ – 


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