(H)eating things up…

So here’s what happened…

did get lucky in one point: My seminar “narrative” was divided into two groups and mine will stay in the beautiful Headington Hill Hall. Look, what I’ve already found there waiting for me!

IMG_2272 IMG_2268

The classes were pretty interesting, too. Not like my classes in Germany at all, which is awesome. Instead of poring over books about theoretical approaches, we dove right into it and had to write! I was really scared when I had to read out some of my writing in front of the group. This was the first time in my life I ever had to do that! But it’s good exercise, I guess. We then met Sarah Dunant who had some really interesting input and stories to tell about how she became a writer and how important both voices are for a writer: The one that can tell you “Wow, that’s brilliant! Did you write that?!” but also the one that tells you “That’s crap, you can’t do it. Just give up!” Only when you listen to both you are able to look at your work with a productive criticism. While you are writing you need to leave the second voice outside the door. Only when you’ve got something to show, then it’s her turn to tell you what you need to revise. We then had to do another writing exercise, which was really interesting and not as easy as it sounds: describe a person’s character by only describing what they’re wearing. We heard some really interesting approaches in response to this. I wasn’t happy with my story, but one of my tutors really like my first piece of writing – so that’s good for a start!

I wasn’t that lucky with my musical audition. Though I got a call back, I did not make it into the ensemble in the end. This was a bit of a downer for me, because I really wanted to join a musical group and this was my last chance to do so in such an environment. But at least I’ve got Glee and it’s fun! (We started working on a Queen-medley!)

I’ve also been to my first pub crawl. Monday night was the social event with the Glee club and it was a lot of fun. I met many people who are as passionate about music as I am. That’s always a good thing! Have you ever heard of a drink called “Gin-Gin”? Well, I hadn’t, yet I tried it and it was really good! I even tried Guinness for the first time and I kind of liked it! And that from the mouth of an almost-anti-alcoholic!We went to three different pubs and bars, but even the last one closed at 2 am. So as good students, we all went to bed then…


On another note, my MacBook broke or at least parts of it. The trackpad is not working properly and now I have to get it fixed, which will probably be really expensive. So on sunday I am taking a trip to Reading, where I have an appointment at the genius bar. They’ll diagnose it for free – unlike the shop here in Oxford where they want to charge me 80 pounds just to tell me the trackpad’s not working. Well, I know that already!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me that the repair won’t be too expensive! And maybe Reading will be worth a day trip. I’ll let you know.

Oh, we finally got our new stove!!! It’s so beautiful, look at it. The guy who came by to install it told me he never saw anyone so excited about a new stove. Well, it’s pretty… and it’s gas… and it’s working!!!

IMG_2329 IMG_2331 IMG_2335

(Yes, I am kind of obsessed…)

Kristi made Banana-Nut-Cupcakes… And Banana-bread… (Still with the old stove)

IMG_2264 IMG_2293

More pictures of the Green Room. Studying in style…

IMG_2265 IMG_2266

And I went to Turl Street Kitchen with Morgan to have some lemon pound cake. It’s a great place to read and write, which was our initial intention but then we got carried away by the cake, and ghost stories, and other stories, and plans for Comic Con in London…

IMG_2304 IMG_2310


11 thoughts on “(H)eating things up…

  1. AAAAAAh this room looks so inspiring!!
    The banana nut cupcakes look tasty <.< and so does the gin-gin!
    and the new stove looks really impressive as well ;D

  2. Oh Leo, that sounds and lools really good! I hope you are happy and will have a incredible year. I hope we’ll be able to visit you soon!

  3. hm, all in all you seem to get along great and i’m really happy for you. really think you should’ve taken that 80-pounds-for-telling-you-it-isn’t-working offer though. sounds pretty professional. take care! 🙂

  4. Great, I can see how you’re settling in and starting to feel more at home. Reading your posts make me share your New Life .

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