Get Lucky

Already time seems to be flying…


Bodleian Library

I went to my first british TaeKwonDo training sessions. It is really different compared to my old club, but I guess I will get used to it. Some of my deficiencies will be forced to improve, so that’s good! The people are very nice and seem to enjoy the sport as something where you can have fun, socialize and exercise. So, luckily, they aren’t too traditional or uptight. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the climbing session since I was coming down with a cold over the weekend and also had an injured foot. Don’t ask me how I injured it – I don’t know. Neither did the doctor I went to see on monday. All she could say after rubbing my left (healthy!!!) foot for a few minutes and taking a quick glance at my right (injured) foot: “Yes, I would agree with you: The foot is swollen!” Well, thank you for that! So I lay low on the weekend and got some reading done for class next week: Sarah Dunant is visiting. I wasn’t very eager to read one of her books, cause the covers and titles… well… Anyway, I got around to start reading “Mapping the Edge” and have to admit: so far it’s really good. Now, all I have to do is come up with some smart questions to ask her!

Today I went into the city along with some friends. We had some breakfast at the Grand Café, which is supposedly the first Coffee house in England – built in 1650 (be amazed!). It is quite pretty and one day I will try their scones. Of course. Maybe I should make a scone rating chart… Good plan! From there we went on to the Bodleian Library – but not without trying to take a picture of us in front of the Bridge of Sighs. Trying – because apparently people can not handle my camera. After willingly taking pictures of us and giving back the camera (phew!) the card remained to be empty. So we ended up taking the picture with an iPhone. Hello, 21st century.


From the 21st century back to the Middle Ages… Somehow.

We went to see the exhibition in the Bodleian Library:  Magical Books – From the Middle Ages to Middle-earth. And indeed it was truly magical! We marveled at sketches of Smaug by Tolkien, scribbles from C.S. Lewis and Mr. Pullman, … Oh, how I wish I could hold the golden alethiometer once. Just once would be enough. This would be the perfect time to let you in on why my blog is named “Leo’s Oxford”. It’s a reference to Pullman’s “Lyra’s Oxford”. Anyone who hasn’t read “His Dark Materials” yet: JUST DO IT ALREADY! It’s one of the best stories I’ve ever come across and I am looking forward to meeting Mr. Pullman live in november.

Moving on to “The Eagle and Child” in St. Giles where we had some lunch. It’s the pub where (among others) Lewis and Tolkien used to meet on Tuesday mornings to drink beer and discuss their current books. Very inspiring. My friend and me were thinking about having some writing workshops there with our fellow class mates. The barkeeper couldn’t quite believe that our parents would finance us a course of studies such as “Creative Writing”. I explained to him that I would be the one laughing once they put MY picture and notes up on the wall next to Tolkien’s. From that point on the conversation got a bit weird, so I’ll spare you the rest.

IMG_2252 IMG_2250

(On another slightly related topic: I found out that I have some really famous guys living in my street…)IMG_2232

Oh, and apparently one of my classes will be held in “The Green Room” in the Headington Hill Hall. Oh my, that is a gorgeous place! It will be very inspiring.

Now I’ve just come home from Glee Club!!! It was so much fun – and again: the people there were really nice. According to this entry I only meet friendly people. Which is true for the last few days, I guess, but just think back to the agents and the first dark days… Let’s hope this new direction will win though! Anyway, we sang, danced, laughed… it’s gleesome! I will be back next week for sure. Also, I am still trying to build up enough courage to audition for the musical on friday, which will be… drum roll… Spring Awakening! What a coincidence… It will be a capella, so it’s a real challenge! I am kind of exhilarated right now from Glee, which feels very good after the rough beginning here. We rehearsed the song “Get Lucky” today, hence the title… Who know’s, maybe I’ll get lucky on Friday?!

A foggy morning today…

IMG_4133  IMG_4130 IMG_4128

If I were to end up living under a bridge, this one would be a nice one for that…

IMG_4138 IMG_4139

Being touristy…



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